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About Infinity PCB

Infinity PCB is a family owned Florida based company providing PCB services and solutions to OEM’s and electronic contract manufacturing companies across the United States. Corporate headquarters is located at 4195 West New Haven Avenue, Suite 12, West Melbourne, FL 32904. While technology continues to make the global market place more competitive there is a growing need among smaller OEM’s and electronic contract manufacturing companies, who manufacture low volumes, for reduced offshore pricing, which in the past, was only extended to large companies. Infinity PCB solves this problem with its long-term relationship with its offshore manufacturing alliance partner located in Shenzhen, China.

With 25+ years of industry experience from an engineering, manufacturing, and distribution perspective Infinity PCB has a firm grasp on all aspects of the global supply chain. Infinity PCB offers rigid, single, double-sided, and multi-layer printed circuit boards, in addition to engineering services. Infinity PCB works for its customers, and we are only satisfied when we hear from our customers that they were at ease throughout the entire ordering process, and 100% of the product ordered was delivered on-time and defect free.

Infinity PCB extinguishes anxiety and cultural difficulties normally associated with offshore sourcing by becoming an extension of its customers’ purchasing departments by operating 24 hours a day to ensure order delivery commitments are met.

First-Rate Quality PCB’s

Infinity PCB offers first rate quality products. Our offshore manufacturing partner takes pride in the extensive quality control measures which is a key component in our business model. They are ISO 9001 and UL approved. Furthermore, Infinity PCB thoroughly inspects each shipment as it arrives at our corporate office here in the United States providing our customers an additional quality checkpoint along the way before final shipment to their facility. This allows us to provide the right product, at the right time, meeting the exact customer expectations, no less.

First-Class Customer Service

Infinity’s customer service is by far second to none. Our staff at Infinity PCB is trained to be solution providers. Every day, we continue to engineer creative ways on how we can serve our customers better through product innovation and client experience. Across the supply chain Infinity PCB is fostering infinite relationships from our manufacturing partner down to all of our customers. These relationships are imperative in producing a vast array of knowledge which in turn provides Infinity PCB with a better understanding of our client’s needs. The Infinite relationship we are able to establish allows us to know what our client’s needs are before they even ask!

At Infinity, we hire only the best of the best, the most knowledgeable personnel in the PCB industry. This is important when you are looking for an intermediary partner to bridge the offshore manufacturer to your company. Every member of our staff brings years of qualified work experience and goes through Infinity PCB’s rigorous training initiatives under the direction of the CEO who brings 25+ years of experience in the business. As experts in the PCB design and fabrication, Infinity staff are able to answer all of your complex circuit board questions. One of Infinity’s greatest assets is the ability to bring manufacturing clarity to our clients.

Mission Statement

Infinity PCB will satisfy its customers, thus building infinite relationships, by providing First-Class customer service and First-Rate quality products through continuous improvement, ethical conduct and honorable management. Infinity PCB will accomplish this with immense pride and pleasure in a ever-changing and challenging global market, which will ensure our continuous growth and profitability for years to come.

“I have dealt with hundreds of suppliers over the 20+ years I have been employed. Hands down, Infinity PCB is one of the best I have ever worked with. The whole ordering process to the actual delivery of our boards always goes completely smoothly. I wish I could say that about all my vendors.”

Roger M. – Vice President